Are We Crazy? Yes... Probably

Welcome to our new blog. Wow... it's been a crazy ride so far and we aren't even on the road yet. 

For those of you who haven't figured it out yet... Yes, we are planning to go on the road full time in an RV in December this year. That is roughly 200 days from now. It's pretty scary when you put a number on it like that.

The primary purpose of the year long trip is to help Churches do online ministry better and to promote a ministry to the homeless called Agape Bags in more urban areas.

Here are our official goals

  • Serve 25 Churches with their online ministry needs in one year (2015).
  • Create & distribute 2,000 Agape Bags to individuals and Churches nationwide.
  • Blog weekly on to provide free online marketing resources for Churches.
  • Blog weekly on about our traveling adventures.
  • Have an awesome time with our family traveling and visiting new places!