Meet Our New Home

After looking at and researching RVs for a year and a half, we finally pulled the trigger and got one. I still look out the window into our driveway multiple times per day to see if it's still there and not something I just dreamed up. 

To make a long story short, we got a dream deal on a 2008 Damon Outlaw and it was something we just couldn't pass up. It's a really rare model to find in Colorado and there are only about a dozen used units at any given time for sale around the country. So last week we drove 1,000 miles to La Crosse Wisconsin to go pick it up. Talk about a nerve wracking trip. The thought kept going through our minds... "are we really driving this far to buy an RV we haven't even seen yet?". It seemed crazy, but it paid off in the end. 

We got an RV that was in almost "like new" condition. Kept in a garage that was custom built just to house it. Got a dolly to tow our van as part of the deal, and got to work with a great seller that really took his time with us. 

We honestly couldn't have planned it better. Everything from the finances, storage, condition and more have just fallen perfectly into place. 

I'll post some more pictures of our renovations soon but wanted to include a few here as well:

More updates to come soon. We're doing our best to get on the road officially by December. 

Prayer Requests:

  • That Caley & Abby will transition well back to homeschooling
  • That we not get so busy in the details that we neglect time in the Word
  • That the process of renting the house goes smoothly