We are a family of 5 that has decided to sell most of our stuff, homeschool our kids, and hit the road for a year. Our goal is to spend more time together as a family, focus on the stuff that really matters in life, and look for opportunities to serve along the way. 


Why are we doing this??

Why would we leave our family, friends and Church behind? Why would we leave our dream house to live in a 300 sq ft RV? Why would we leave one of the best cities in the country to live and raise kids in? 

We've been wrestling with these questions and more for over a year. And while we certainly don't have all the answers, and have had many sleepless nights and false starts, we can sit here and say with confidence that we've been called to do it. 

Do we know what the outcome will be? No. Do we have a perfectly outlined plan? No. But we are doing our darnedest to step out in faith and make ourselves available for what God has planned for our lives. 



A major reason for uprooting our family has to do with our heart for ministry. We simply want to serve in any way that we can by using a couple of the outlets that God has given us: Church SEO, Agape Bags, and what ever else God has in store!  


Here are our official goals:

  • Serve 20 Churches with their online ministry needs in one year (2015).
  • Create & distribute 2,000 Agape Bags to individuals and Churches nationwide.

We’re viewing this as a ministry and not a business so the heart is to offer all of these services for free. We will be working part time to support ourselves and will be raising some support to cover some of our travel and ministry expenses. To read more about how you can help, visit our support page


We Want to Visit Your Church!

Does your Church need help with their website or any kind of online ministry? Do you think your Church would be interested in the Agape Bags ministry? If so, we'd love to come visit you!

Please use our contact form so we can get to know you and the needs of your Church.