Helping Churches With Online Ministry

In 2010, Justin came to the realization that Churches were largely ignoring online marketing. This was a disturbing thought... considering how many people spend their lives online these days (5 hours/day on average), Churches were starting to lose the attention of millions of people that were slowly spending more and more of their time online. Justin's professional background was in internet marketing and it was painful to watch even the largest Churches make fundamental mistakes with their websites and online ministry's. 

For 3 years, Justin worked with various Churches and started developing a vision for how he could best help. We came to the conclusion that the best way to help Churches was to meet with them in person to better communicate and give more hands on help.

Fast forward to today... after much prayer and careful consideration, we decided as a family that we needed to start moving forward into a full time ministry in order to have the greatest impact. 

As crazy as it sounded as we started praying about it, we starting considering the possibility of taking our family on the road full time in an RV so we could be flexible and visit as many Churches as possible.

We realized right away that the ministry we wanted to start was a little un-traditional which makes it scary at times, but we are trusting God to supply our needs and provide open doors to the Churches we need to be serving.

There is a lot that goes into this, but basically, we want to focus on 3 things (inspiration from Acts 1:8):

  1. (Jerusalem) Help Churches minister more effectively to their own people (website, communications, email lists, social media, donations, forms etc)  
  2. (Judea & Samaria) Help Churches be more effective with local outreach in their communities (make sure people locally can find the Church in the search engines and make sure the Church is ranking well for local searches, social media campaigns, local online advertising, social media outreach, etc)
  3. (Ends of the earth) Help Churches proliferate the Gospel and quality Bible teaching online to a worldwide audience (Search engine marketing, website optimization, sermon optimization, etc)

We believe that 99% of Churches can use help with the above and either don’t have the resources or don’t have the expertise to move forward. 

To read more about our heart for online ministry, check out Justin's Mission Statement page on


Here is a basic list of services we hope to offer:

  - Full range of SEO services

       - Website audits

       - Local SEO

       - Link building

       - Sermon & content optimization

  - Online marketing coaching

  - How to set goals and measure results

  - Social networking coaching

  - Content marketing strategies

  - Video hosting & storage help

  - Website User Experience

  - Email marketing

   - Online & mobile accountability software coaching & setup